Southeast SaddleFit

     “My approach to saddle fitting is to put your Horse first!  Every Horse has his own unique confirmation and  muscle development. Therefore I find it invaluable to preform this 80 point Diagnostic Evaluation of your Horse using state of the art tools to gather crucial information  tailored to your Horse’s individual needs. I look at all breeds , all disciplines and all brands of saddles. 

You will  then be given a copy of the information to keep. Then together we can decide what options are in your Horses best interest and how to maximize his performance. 

 I have joined forces with a network of Professionals dedicated to preventing long term damage to Horse and Riders!  We have seen all too often Riders choosing saddles by (what feels good to them) without first seeing if the saddle fits their Horse.  Please put your Horse first and sign up for an Evaluation today! Your Horse will “Thank You! “        email here to sign up! 

Here  are some beautiful testimonials as to how it feels when you and your horse are correctly fitted in a saddle that does’t hurt or restrict their movements : 

   “Hey Amanda,
My name is Dayle Becker and I am a Certified Infrared Thermographer. I am a friend of a Client of yours. I was so impressed with the fit of her new saddle. We will be reimaging Rio possibly tomorrow and I am just writing to tell you and compliment you! I believe we will actually see even more improvement in his over all condition. I intend to read the book on "suffering in silence" and educate myself even more.
Just wanted to introduce myself and again applaud your great work.”

            Dayle Becker, CIT

“Hi Amanda,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful Schleese Triumph dressage saddle! My trainer noticed right away that it puts me in a much better riding position and I feel I can communicate with my horse so much better when riding in it. I really appreciate all the professional knowledge you have and your kind and patient manner. My horse says thank you too!”

Sima, NC

 “ Hi Amanda!

Hope all is well with you. You fitted my horses in April in Simpsonville, KY.  I took Ollie to a dressage show in May and she won a blue ribbon!  She definitely had much better shoulder movement with the adjusted saddle.  Thank you Amanda!”

              Simpsonville, KY
 "My first and only dressage saddle that I've owned was exciting to me when I first got it. But over a few years of riding in it, I realized that my horse moved differently in it than my jump saddle. He would always become tense in his back with very little to no freedom on his strides. At shows, we would always score in the mid 40s. After a saddle fitting at a show, I was able to try out the Schleese HK demo during my test. My horse felt great!- very relaxed and loose with much freedom in his strides. Thanks to the HK demo saddle, my horse scored a whole 10 points better than what he normally scores!" "Thanks for everything Amanda Silver of Southeast Saddlefit and Schleese!"


 “This was a fantastic clinic. I have seen numerous saddle fitters at work over the years, but the Schleese evaluation is the most comprehensive I have ever witnessed. Jochen's lecture was incredibly educational - he has a phenomenal eye and a super understanding of the way a horse's body is built and how it moves. After he and Amanda Silver (Southeast SaddleFit) evaluated and fitted all the horses in the clinic, they all went so much better and looked so happy and comfortable! Thanks, Amanda and Jochen!”
   Chris Hutchings,   Atlanta Ga

 “This was truly a memorable day in so many ways! I will never forget. I learned so much and I cannot wait until morning to ride in my new saddle. We are thankful you and Dan and Jochen were able to join us at the cafe. What a fun evening. 
I am so thankful for everything and I hope to see all of you soon!”
   Love and Hugs,
      Doreen   ,Ga

  “Thanks for all your hard work. I rode Gia today and the saddle felt great! I am actually sitting in the middle. Love my Schleese. So comfy for me and Gia both. Doesn't move at all now since Jochen Schleese adjusted it. You guys were troopers. It was a long day in the famous sultry Georgia summer weather and you gave each and every horse and rider your full attention. Congrats!”
  Karen McGoldrick     Atlanta,Ga


  “We are so glad you all came and enjoyed it!!! It was a fantastic day and we thank you so so much!”
   Carmen   ,Ga

  “I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying my new Eagle saddle. I got my saddle on a Tuesday and had a 2.5 hour trail ride scheduled for the next day. I was a little apprehensive about using the new saddle as I thought I would need to "break it in" first, especially with all the ups and downs in our mountain riding. Well, I was so eager to use it that I rode in it anyway and it was amazing.

This is my fourth Schleese saddle (hunter/jumper, dressage and trail) and even though I've been very satisfied with each one, this is by far  the best and most comfortable. My first saddle (the one I replaced) was a hunter/jumper and I was very surprised to find out from you that it was 14 years old. So much has changed during that time, both in saddles and in my horse. The adjustable tree in the Eagle is wonderful, especially since you were able to adjust it to my horse on the premises and will be able to make adjustments in the future, if needed.

As you know, I have a skin condition that is aggravated by chafing and even though my last saddle was comfortable, I would often get chafed, especially on our longer rides. With the Eagle, I'm as comfortable after the ride as before and there has been absolutely no chafing. Jochen has truly extended my number of years to ride by developing this saddle.

Thanks Amanda of Southeast Saddle Fit for all your help getting the right fit for my horse. Thanks Schleese I absolutely love, love, love the new saddle!”

       Pat Hauser,   NC

  "Thank you Amanda Silver again for coming to fit my saddle on Friday. Warwick and I got a second place out of twelve, in a class that included sitting trot.  Needless to say, I could not have done it without my wonderful well-adjusted Schleese. "

Thank you!

Vanessa, GA

  " Hi Amanda! A friend of mine has gone into the Equine Thermal imaging business and she brought her $20,000.00 camera out today and the saddle you adjusted fits PERFECTLY!! All the Thermal images of Rio and of his back were fantastic…in fact some of the best she's done! I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE my Schleese Obrigado saddle and we are just as HAPPY as we can be and I just wanted you to know that!"-  

  Julie Abernathy , GA!

 “Great saddle fitting today with Amanda Silver, despite some unforeseen circumstances--Jim injuring his back two days earlier, Obi losing a shoe 15 minutes before the session. Two of our horses backs have improved so much over the 5 months after their April fitting. Obi and Dottie are really doing well and I am sure it is because of their training, diet, and the terrific Schleese Saddlery Service saddles they have along with the expertise of Amanda when she evaluates and fits the saddles. I am excited for the upcoming months of riding and training! Thank you Amanda!!”
   Lee Woodward,  KY

 “" Amanda, Thought you would want to see pictures of happy horses at the horse show this past weekend, all in Schleese saddles.

The appaloosa is 21 years old and loves the new flocking you put in the saddle on your last trip."

Thanks, Maria  Alexander of GA


 "Gambler and I did our first show together at Penny Oaks week before last. I rode in our new Schleese saddle and finished 4th at Novice. After one outing we are moving up to Training at Maydaze. So yes would VERY much love to have my Schleese dressage saddle back so am thrilled it will be here on Wednesday!"

   Client in KY

"I can't even control my happiness right now. Today I was blessed with this beautiful new leather by Schleese Saddlery. I can now be certain that my 4yo can grow up with the two most healthiest saddles on her spine!

Huge props and thank you to Schleese and Southeast Saddlefit! SADDLEFIT 4 LIFE!!" -Carmen S of GA.

 "Amanda, Thank you for everything that you did to make sure that my Horse had a comfortable, well-fitted saddle. We were both very appreciative of your thoroughness and skill. Again, I appreciate all that you did to accommodate us. Schleese should be proud to have you as a representative for their company."

Warm regards, Dianne

 "Yes I was very impressed. I have 3 horses and believe these saddles are the best. I have a 3 yr old hanoverian chestnut boy( drama) and his saddle has fit 2x since I started him in sept. If you couldn't adjust the saddle what do you do? Thank god people finally got the idea about saddles. Good fit happy horse!"

     Client in GA

 "Love my saddle! The best saddle fitter and best company! Thanks for everything"-

   Lindsey Brownlee of TN

  "I have a 17.2 1900 lb perch x, we are schooling 3rd and it's a lot of work for him. He's 15 and took him for a bone scan to target arthritis and they commented he had one of the cleanest spines they had seen. He has only been ridden in schleese saddles fitted yearly. So I am truly impressed!!!"
     -Emily Morris